London Segregated Cycle Network #LSCN

I have written this blog to highlight a concept tube style map I have come up for cycling in London. It is based around London’s burgeoning number of segregated cycle lanes. I refer to it all as the new London Segregated Cycle Network #LSCN. It can be viewed here Final_Map_Grid_streamed_15112015_2

It highlights the cycle superhighways where major segregation work has been or is currently being undertaken. There are also general cycle links highlighted that help link the network together. These links include links to places of interest close to the segregated network, such as major train stations.

This is very much a concept map from someone who does not have a lot of experience in map making. I am hoping initially that it can generate discussion and debate about the need for such a map. I am then hoping that any feedback, as well as maybe assistance from better people than myself, can help shape this map into something universal that will then be useful to people of all cycling abilities who would like to cycle in London.

The idea would then be to make such a map available for free and that one day it would become as ubiquitously used as the tube map itself.

London Segregated Cycle Network #LSCN

One thought on “London Segregated Cycle Network #LSCN

  1. PETER KENYON says:

    Love the map, it’s beautiful. You might want to correct the spelling of Westminster, where it indicates the Tube station. It has a rogue extra “i”.


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