The Refinement

So after being lucky enough to get some feedback from my last post, I updated (and hopefully improved) my concept tube style map for the future London segregated cycle network, as of some time in 2016.

London Segregated Cycle Network 2016 MAP

The changes have been made to try and accentuate the positives of the fully segregated cycle routes by making these links stand out more. I have also tried to pull back the emphasis on the links that are unsegregated, in particular CS1. The idea is that the map should inform not only on where you can go but also what you will encounter. Even if you have never been to London before but someone has given you a bicycle, the hope is that this map will inform you on what you can expect as well as where you can find and discover.

All links have been given added descriptions and varied line widths in order to help the user differentiate between the types of infrastructure available. There is potential to develop instead a matrix for infrastructure that may be more user friendly to read. This is probably the next task.

Some have wondered if there’s even a network out there to be shown at all. It is certainly a valid question. My own feeling is that as it will be possible to make many trips between destinations that sit on the different cycle superhighways (CS’s) and that these trips  can mainly be done using the CS infrastructure, thus constituting a cycle network. The hope is that as time goes by in 2016 the links between the CS routes will be filled by high quality Quiet Ways (QW’s) and the central London cycling grid. These indeed will be the backbone of any network. If they are of high quality, a network will grow and people will believe there is one. However if they are simply painted lines, or worse still nothing at all, and have little in the way of signage it will certainly be difficult to justify the idea that London has a veritable cycle network.

Once again, if you have any comments on what read or see, feedback more than welcome!


The Refinement

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