Rail, Camden and Time

I have now made three significant updates to the concept schematic map for a London segregated cycle network from 2016.

Revised Map:

London Segregated Cycle Network Map 2016

First off, I have looked to incorporate all major railway termini that serve central London. This means the map now includes:

  • Kings Cross
  • St Pancras
  • Euston
  • Paddington
  • Victoria
  • Waterloo
  • London Bridge
  • Liverpool Street
  • Blackfriars/Farringdon

This has not been easy, with no clear cycle route to pretty every station except Waterloo. However the stations are absolutely key due to the demand they generate, both for people living in London and the people coming in from outside. Indeed, in the Netherlands, 45% of all rail trips start with a cycle journey. If the map is to be relevant it needs to both reflect current demand but also encourage additional cycling to and from high demand centres such as these.

The sec0nd major change has been to try to incorporate the cycle infrastructure changes both current and future going in the London Borough of Camden. This has meant I have included the two way cycle route along Tarrington Place/Tavickstock Place and the planned semi segregation of Gower Street. The aim of the map is for the network shown to be underpinned by high quality segregated cycle routes such as these. But it also must fit in within a network and as a result other high quality links in Camden and elsewhere have not been included as of yet as it is not clear how they fit into a network context. This of course will change if and when additional cycling routes are opened in the months and years to come.

The final change has been to include 10 minute time bands. This is simply to try and give a quick understanding to the user on how long it will take to get to places of interest. It assumes a quite liberal cycle speed of 12kph. This is mainly so that each 10 minute time band also equates to 2km. It has also been done like this so that varying times due to local diversions and infrastructure differences can be taken into account as much as possible. My feeling is that people will feel more positive about cycling to their destination if they get there in time or even quicker than advertised.

Again, this map work is all very much a work in progress so all comments and feedback welcome. Thanks!





Rail, Camden and Time

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