Mapping the map

This post shows the links that have been selected for the schematic map of the future London Protected Cycle Network through Google Street Map. The map shows the roads with protected cycle infrastructure in central London. It shows the protected Cycle Superhighways, along with a linking network of individual cycle paths, park cycle routes, low traffic volume links and high traffic volume links.

There are a myriad of potential links that can be used to link with the new protected Cycle Superhighways. The aim of this map is to show the shortest, safest links between the strategic corridors. These links could change as the details become clearer on proposals for new cycle routes in London, in particular the London Central Grid and TfL Quietways.

Feedback on correct routing, suggestions for better connectors and plans for new or missing routes are very much welcome. Any changes will then inform the existing schematic map.

Schematic London Protected Cycle Network Map




Mapping the map

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