South London Cycle Route Map

Updated and more detailed south London cycle map. Key is to identify the areas where people will want to cycle to and what are the most direct routes. The map identifies some key protected routes but is mainly aimed at identifying the most direct cycle routes from A to B. Please have a look for yourself here:

South London Cycle Map – Click here

South London Cycle Route Map

3 thoughts on “South London Cycle Route Map

  1. What is your definition of a “Protected cycle lane”? I notice that Q1 is shown as a Protected cycle lane along its entire length, which is misleading. The only truly protected parts are a small section in Deptford and along Tabard Street and Globe Street. Surrey canal road and the new path around Millwall are shared pathways and traffic free, the rest can be quite busy (especially around Webber street). Perhaps you could differentiate traffic free and segregated?


    1. Hi Alex, protected includes low car or car free roads. The links are meant to be representative of the overall journey. Invariably there is some variation within them. We hope to add more information through other forms like video so that people can see for themselves. I will review to see if the link clarification needs updating from what you say. Thanks for the interest, Dermot.


  2. Lucia Quenya says:

    I agree with Alex, it’s too much of a judgement to say which ones are quiet or not (potentially Q1 could be full of cars!) – it should be about grading infrastructure. I know Q1 is better than most routes but it is, nevertheless, unsegregated for a great deal of its existence.


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